Friday, October 8, 2010

Digging is good.

Wally Walk - How Wally spends his days

Nothings better than to be out with Velvet.

Yummy treats!

I'm coming!

Afternoon beach walk with his pal Velvet.

It's all about the ball at the September Dachshund Meetup

Wally meets a guy that likes the ball just as much as he does.

Ball play is serious!

"Give me the ball, I'm a good dog, see I'm going down and everything, Please!"

Wally's Wine Country Weekend 2010

Dog art at Frick Winery

Wally tasting with Kris and Sue.

Wally meets a nice guy named Bear at Mutt Lynch.

One too many sips for Wally.

Robert and Sue's - Wally Themed Birthday Cake

Yummm, little Wally's made from Marzipan.

Grandpa takes Wally to the Dachshund Meetup!

Wally goes for the ducks again!